Saturday, 7 October 2017

New Season Underway

After a quiet period over the summer Kidsgrove Chess Club is up and running again.

The New Season's fixtures are listed below.

Results are now held on the ECF website.  See Links above

Kidsgrove Chess Club Fixtures 2017/18
Wed 04.10.17 Newcastle C v Kidsgrove  ( First Result  2.5 v 1.5 )
Tue 24.10.17 Kidsgrove v Crewe B
Tue 07.11.17 Alsager B v Kidsgrove 
Tue 28.11.17 Kidsgrove v Meir A
Tue 05.12.17 Kidsgrove v Fenton B
Tue 19.12.17 Alsager A v Kidsgrove 
Tue 09.01.18 Kidsgrove v Cheddleton E
Wed 24.01.18 Crewe B v Kidsgrove 
Mon 29.01.18 Fenton B v Kidsgrove
Tue 13.02.18 Kidsgrove v Alsager B
Tue 20.02.18 Kidsgrove v Alsager A 
Tue 06.03.18 Kidsgrove v Newcastle C 
Fri 16.03.18 Cheddleton E v Kidsgrove
Mon 26.03.18 Meir A v Kidsgrove

The club is always willing to welcome new members our regular meeting night is Tuesday from 7:30
As the playing season has begun it is always advisable to contact us to ensure someone is available to meet you

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Roy Bennet Trophy. Kidsgrove CC Internal Competion Standings to 31st Jan 2017

See Latest. Still very open as the later stages approach!

2nd Half of the Season

Kidsgrove are still looking for their first Div3 win of the season. This is despite close games against on average a higher graded opposition . The six players available are certainly giving it their best shot.  (Results held on N.S.D.C.A link)

The club has almost completed it's first rapid play competition. The Simon Elliot " trophy took place over two nights . Unfortunately illness prevented its completion. Once outstanding games are completed the full results will appear. (Looking good for Rich so far!)

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Season Underway

Kidsgrove played their first 3 league games but unfortunately suffered three defeats to teams with much higher graded players but this was still a credible performance by all players. The results will come !

The internal "Roy Bennett" competition has begun with Derek making the best start

                      P  W  D L Pts
Derek            4   2   2  0  6
Dave             4   1   3  0  5
Jules              3  1   1  1  3
Julian            3  1   0  2   2
Steve            2  0   0  2   0    

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Release of League Fixtures for the 2016/17 season

The list below shows the dates for the Div 3 fixtures. The weeks where there are no fixtures will be when our internal competitions will be taking place. For any one interested in joining the club there will be a presence at the Royal Oak most Tuesdays

Kidsgrove Chess Club Fixtures 2016/17

Mon 03.10.16   Fenton A v Kidsgrove
Tue 18.10.16    Kidsgrove v Alsager A
Tue 25.10.16    Kidsgrove v Cheddleton C
Wed 09.11.16   Crewe B v Kidsgrove
Mon 21.11.16   Meir A v Kidsgrove
Tue 29.11.16    Kidsgrove v Newcastle D
Tue 03.01.17    Kidsgrove v Crewe B
Fri 13.01.17     Cheddleton D v Kidsgrove
Tue 24.01.17   Alsager A v Kidsgrove
Tue 14.02.17   Kidsgrove v Meir A
Wed 22.02.17  Newcastle D v Kidsgrove
Tue 07.03.17   Kidsgrove v Fenton A
Fri 24.03.17    Cheddleton C v Kidsgrove
Tue 11.04.17   Kidsgrove v Cheddleton D

AGM held at Kidsgrove Aug 16

All the usual business conducted.  The club will enter Division 3 in the NSDCA again. We will run our usual internal "Roy Bennett" competition. We will also create a new Rapid play competition for members to be played over 3 nights. This will be named after the late Simon Elliott who was the longest serving player for this club.
The "Roy Bennett" trophy winner for this year was Rich Wiltshir who can be seen receiving the trophy on the right

Jules Hawthorne wins the Manchester Congress Minor section with 5/5 .

Although Kidsgrove Chess Club has been quiet in the team events some individuals have exceeded at congresses.  Jules entered the Manchester Congress in the Minor Section. He won the competition with a 100% record.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Roy Bennett Trophy Final Results

Well done to Rich Wiltshir on his outstanding victory with a 100% success in his first season for Kidsgrove. It will be a new name on the trophy (Once Engraved!!!)

The Final Table

                P W D L  Pts
Rich        8  8  0  0    16
Dave       8  5  0  3    10
Steve      8  3  1  4      7
Jules       8  3  0  5     6
Julian     8  0  1  7      1

Kidsgrove's League  season may have finished but that does not mean the club shuts down. There is a rapid play competition planned. If anyone is interested please contact us (As on the Web Page). 

New members always welcome. It is always worth contacting the club first in case it is a quiet night, especially during the summer. We can always ensure there is some one there to welcome you.